17 Aug

Entitlements Inquiry Just a Liberal and Labor Cover Up: Clive Palmer

Media release

Palmer United Party federal leader and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, said Tony Abbott’s inquiry into parliamentary entitlements will not be independent and is simply another Liberal Party and Labor Party cover up.

Political members of the independent inquiry will include former Labor Speaker of the House Harry Jenkins and former leader of the Liberal Party Brendan Nelson. Other members include David Tune, former Department of Finance Secretary, John Conde, Remuneration Tribal Chief Executive and Linda Nicholls, businesswoman and company director.

Mr Palmer said appointing one former Liberal politician and one former Labor politician to conduct the inquiry does not make it independent and will achieve nothing.

“All of the members of this inquiry are connected to the government and quite sympathetic to politicians,” Mr Palmer said.

“Harry Jenkins held the record for throwing the most people out of parliament before Bronwyn Bishop and he is largely considered to be the second most biased speaker in history.

“Also, John Conde was responsible for giving the Prime Minister a large salary increase, making the Prime Minister’s salary higher than President Obama’s salary.”

Mr Palmer said these are not the right people for an independent inquiry and that he will be lodging a Freedom of Information application in to expense claims of all current and former politicians who are members of the inquiry.

“There has already been six closed door reviews and all of them have been made up of Liberal and Labor people or people holding government appointments,” he said.

“This is just another attempt by Tony Abbott to cover up the issue and have the report completed in six months so people will forget about the issue before the next election.

“For far too long politicians have rorted the system by taking advantage of grey areas with their entitlements and Australians deserve better.

“What is really needed on this issue is an open public inquiry where Australians can put forward their views.

“Australians need to have the opportunity to have their say, not just Liberal and Labor politicians and government appointees.”


Source: Entitlements Inquiry Just a Liberal and Labor Cover Up: Clive Palmer


6 Aug

Awards for outstanding Sunshine Coast residents

Awards for outstanding Sunshine Coast residents

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer MP, has awarded the Australian Government Certificate of Appreciation to committed Sunshine Coast volunteers, Margaret Brosnan, Doris Denning, Lorraine Amos and David Salter.

Margaret Brosnan’s commitment to Maroochydore State School, as both a staff member and volunteer, spans almost two decades. Friendly and engaging, Margaret loves playing an active role in the school community and gives up her time to ensure a fun learning experience for students.

Doris Denning has volunteered at Pacific Paradise State School for the past seven years, assisting with a range of fundraising events to generate revenue for key projects, such as air conditioning for classrooms. Doris also commits much of her time to assisting families in need who are connected to the school community.

Lorraine Amos has volunteered two days each week for the past year to assist students in the Primary Intensive English Unit at Nambour State High. Lorraine’s patience and expertise provides students with a top-class learning environment.

David Salter also volunteers at the Primary Intensive English Unit, but has done so for over ten years. A dedicated and reliable member of the community, David has played a pivotal role in helping hundreds of students develop their English skills.

“The Sunshine Coast is fortunate to have so many willing volunteers to assist with community projects,” Mr Palmer said.

“These awards provide recognition selfless individuals do not seek, but I hope they act as a measure of the appreciation felt by the community for their outstanding efforts.”


Source: Awards for outstanding Sunshine Coast residents

31 Jul

Public urged to join fight to remove Speaker

Public urged to join fight to remove Speaker

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, is urging the public to join the fight in removing Bronwyn Bishop from the position of Speaker by signing his Change.org petition.

“The vast majority of Australians are fed up with the Speaker of the House of Representatives treating them with contempt,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“They are tired of the abuse of parliamentary entitlements, her biased behaviour in support of the Government and rightly feel she is making a mockery of the highest position in the House of Representatives,’’ he said.

Mr Palmer said members of the public could voice their disapproval of Bronwyn Bishop by signing his Change.org petition supporting Mr Palmer and Independent Member for Denison’s motion of no confidence at https://www.change.org/p/bronwyn-bishop-speaker-of-the-house-of-representatives-resign-as-speaker.

He said he would present the petition to the Speaker when parliament resumed.

“I encourage Australians who feel strongly about this issue to speak out by signing the petition so the will of the people can prevail,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer has announced he will lodge a motion of no confidence in Mrs Bishop when parliament resumed unless she resigned from the position.

Mr Wilkie said he would join with Mr Palmer and second the motion.


Source: Public urged to join fight to remove Speaker