11 Aug

Kevin Morgan: Incentives needed to support advanced manufacturing

Kevin Morgan: Incentives needed to support advanced manufacturing


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Palmer United’s Tasmanian Convenor, Kevin Morgan, says if Australia is to thrive once again we must stop exporting jobs, raw materials and revenue to our trading partners, but instead fully develop Australian products in Australia before they are released to the international marketplace.

Mr Morgan is adamant opportunities are there for Australia to take its value-added products to the world market and maximise their potential, but not before systems are in place to support the process from start to finish.

“We are losing jobs, opportunities and our competitive edge when intellectual property developed by Australian companies moves offshore to take advantage of the research and development tax incentives available in other countries,” Mr Morgan said.

“We must combine information, technology and innovation to improve our manufacturing performance.

“It is high time the government put incentive schemes in place for our advanced manufacturing businesses to fully develop their products within Australia – from the initial concept, through to research, development, manufacture and shipping.

“The government must engage with groups like the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council, a policy group made up of chief executives from global and domestic high-end manufacturers whose business model is to sell high margin products into global markets.

“In advanced manufacturing, Australia’s high wage structure is not an impediment since we’re not necessarily competing with low-cost countries. Our real competition in this space comes from countries like the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Ireland.

“If we want the jobs, economic growth and wealth generated by smart, advanced manufacturing then the government must put strategies in place now or we will once again find ourselves at the mercy of economies that do,” Mr Morgan declared.


Source: Kevin Morgan: Incentives needed to support advanced manufacturing

16 Jul

Glenn Lazarus copying Palmer United Party’s CSG policy: John Bjelke-Petersen

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John Bjelke-Petersen, Queensland leader of the Palmer United Party, has criticized Senator Glenn Lazarus for copying his views and the Palmer United Party’s policy on CSG.

Prior to the Queensland Government State election earlier this year, Mr Bjelke-Petersen travelled to Roma and stood against CSG, calling for the tightest possible controls over the industry to protect Queenslanders and the state’s environmental and economic future.

Mr Bjelke-Petersen announced that, if elected, the Palmer United Party was committed to handing all Queensland agricultural landowners the right to refuse CSG exploration and production on their property.

Mr Bjelke-Petersen said he was disappointed to see Senator Lazarus trying to turn Palmer United Party policy into his own platform, especially when it concerns a state issue such as CSG.

“Senator Lazarus seems to have forgotten that he is a federal Senator and the CSG industry falls under state legislation,” Mr Bjelke-Petersen said.

“Threatening the Prime Minister won’t do Senator Lazarus any good when it’s the Queensland Premier and Government who should be doing everything possible to ensure the legitimate fears surrounding the CSG industry are addressed.”

He said he feared Senator Lazarus was trying to gain popularity for himself and his new party by piggybacking off the CSG issue.

“It’s concerning that we have a federal Senator who doesn’t know the difference between a state and federal issue,” Mr Bjelke-Petersen said.Ends

16 Jul

Kevin Morgan appointed Palmer United Party Tasmanian Convenor

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer, has today announced the appointment of Kevin Morgan as the Party’s Tasmanian Convenor.

Mr Palmer said Mr Morgan has been an avid supporter of the Palmer United Party from the very beginning and has worked tirelessly over the years to promote the party in Tasmania and worked alongside the party’s Tasmanian candidates in previous elections.

“Mr Morgan is an outstanding man who has a strong track record in business and government,” Mr Palmer said.

The role of Tasmanian Convenor will involve the coordination of candidates and Tasmanian policy development, with Mr Morgan acting as Palmer United Party’s representative in Tasmania.

Mr Morgan, a former business adviser and analyst who worked for the Department of Premier and Cabinet in Tasmania, said he was passionate about the Palmer United Party’s vision for Australia and thrilled at his appointment as Tasmanian Convenor.

“Over the last few months the party and I have been inundated with interest from Tasmanians inquiring about the party and candidacy opportunities,” Mr Morgan said.

“Many have been impressed with the party’s achievements since entering federal politics and are disappointed with Jacqui Lambie’s party abandonment.

“Since the Palmer United Party entered Parliament the party has achieved a great deal for Australia and the party’s commitment to Tasmania and its people is something the other party’s lack.”

Since entering federal politics, the Palmer United Party and Clive Palmer have:

  • Stopped the GP Co-Payment;
  • Stopped negative changes to universities;
  • Stopped $10 billion cuts to social security;
  • Freed more than 436 children and families from detention;
  • Freed 1,500 people in total from Christmas Island;
  • Resolved over 30,000 cases in detention;
  • Introduced the Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV);
  • Saved the Low Income Super for more than two million Australians;
  • Kept the Schoolkids Bonus;
  • Kept Low Income Support;
  • Reduced electricity prices by 10% Australia-wide;
  • Made 15 changes to Direct Action in Senate Amendments then passed Direct Action;
  • Saved the Climate Change Authority;
  • Saved the Clean Energy Finance Corporation;
  • Saved Australian Renewable Energy Authority (ARENA);
  • Saved the Renewable Energy Target (RET);
  • Fixed pensions for all veterans and ex-servicemen and women over the age of 55;
  • Set up Parliamentary inquiries into Trade Investment and Growth and the Australia Fund;
  • Abolished Carbon Tax;
  • Abolished Mining Tax;
  • Introduced Private Member’s Bill on Foreign Death Penalty;
  • Protected maritime workers’ jobs;
  • Proved that government and community debt was not a problem for Australia;
  • Cabinet adopted our policy to ban lobbyists from holding party positions;
  • Stopped GrainCorp sale and introduced Private Member’s Bill;
  • Encouraged electoral reform into the use of pens instead of pencils;
  • Kept Qantas Australian-owned;
  • Stopped changes to income tax threshold;
  • Stopped financial incentive to sell public assets;
  • Saved Australian jobs in offshore gas industry;
  • Stopped slashing of university grants.


14 Jul

Lambie Defection Sinks Original Boat Plan for Bass Strait: Clive Palmer

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Plans for better transportation links across Bass Strait would already be well advanced if former Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie had not turned her back on the people of Tasmania to become an independent, according to Clive Palmer.

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has dismissed Senator Lambie and Geelong Mayor Darryn Lyons’ push for a catamaran service between Geelong and Burnie as “mere lip service”.

“This is a watered down idea taken from original Palmer United Party policy developed from the grass roots by our Tasmanian leader Kevin Morgan,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Palmer United Party had developed significant planning and budgeting for a much more substantial model than Senator Lambie is proposing, which would have been closer to delivery for the people of Tasmania if she hadn’t deserted the party,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“There is nothing new in this idea. If Senator Lambie did not break ranks with the Palmer United Party and instead remained loyal and voted with the balance of power in the Senate she would have been able to deliver this service for the people of Tasmania instead of paying it lip service,’’ he said.

“Senator Lambie is more concerned with spending tax payers’ money on renovating her office than doing what is best for her fellow Tasmanians.”


1 Jul


Media release

We are now calling for expressions of interest from people who wish to nominate as Palmer United Party candidates for the House of Representatives at the next federal election.

In the first instance, please forward an email to candidates@palmerunited.com with a short summary of why you would like to nominate as a party candidate and for which federal seat.

Your reply should include a brief personal CV and your contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.Ends

3 Jun

Clive Palmer on Q&A

Media Release

Responding to a question from the audience, Clive Palmer delivers an extensive list of the Palmer United Party’s achievements since being elected to parliament.

It was a fitting answer to the question, which asked whether he could have exerted more influence had he stayed in the Liberal party and maintained his business interests, instead of forming the Palmer United Party. The list of achievements in such a short space of time tells its own story.


28 May

Palmer United’s achievements listed in parliament

Media Release

During this week’s House of Representatives sitting, Clive Palmer had the opportunity to speak about some of the successes Palmer United has achieved since entering parliament.

The list is expansive and impressive, including key items such as blocking the GP co-payment and blocking $10 billion of cuts to social security entitlements.