13 Nov

Palmer United Party Announces North Sydney By-Election Candidate

Media release

Palmer United’s federal leader and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, announced today that Robert Marks, a 46-year-old company director, auctioneer and licensed real estate agent, will stand as the party’s candidate at the upcoming North Sydney by-election on 5 December.

Mr Palmer said Labor’s decision not to stand was a slap in the face for democracy and showed political weakness when the community needed strength.

“Because the Labor Party has deserted the North Sydney battlefield and constituents are only given the option of either voting for the government or a single-issue party like the Greens, it is more important than ever for Palmer United to stand up for the community,” Mr Palmer said.

“Australian democracy is under threat. We have a popular Prime Minister and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s vital for all governments, regardless of their political position, to be held accountable. No government can be right all the time. As has been said, governments come and go but ideas go on forever.

“While the Labor Party may not understand this and minor parties are pushing their own single-issue barrow, someone needs to stand firm for the community.

“Robert Marks is a strong candidate who believes in an aspirational, rising standard of living for all Australians. He knows how hard it is to bring up a family. His vision, like mine, is for an ever-expanding nation and a stronger community.

“While the Greens seek to complain about everything and never contribute to growth, Palmer United seeks a better future for everyone.”

A family man with two teenage children, Mr Marks specialises in residential project management. He promises a fresh approach for the people of North Sydney, who he says are fearful of their job security in these tight economic times.

“I’m not a career politician so I see first-hand the issues this community faces every day,” Mr Marks said.

“Job security is a massive concern and we have to find ways to halt the closure of struggling businesses and keep them trading so people can hold on to their jobs. It will be my top priority.”



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